Dress Code

  1. General -
    Club House - Appropriate attire must be worn in all areas of the Clubhouse (except the Ocean Grill and Terrace where Tennis attire is permitted) and on the golf course and practice tee at all times. Gentlemen are required to remove hats in the Dining Room and Cocktail Lounge. Walking shorts are acceptable, but blue jeans, cut-offs, gym shorts, tennis shorts, swim shorts, tank tops, exposed suspenders, etc. are not considered appropriate attire. As a guide, shorts should not be more than 4" above the top of the knee. Gentlemen's shirts must have collars and must be tucked in.
  2. Tennis Courts -
    Appropriate tennis attire and shoes must be worn on the courts. White or white with trim is recommended. Please see Tennis Rules section for complete dress code.
  3. Locker Rooms -
    Robes or wraparounds must be worn in Locker Rooms.